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The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute has launched a unique online platform – ECPD Videos on Demand – for members, graduates and students as well as non-members to schedule their professional learning and accumulate ECPD hours in a more flexible manner.

Further enhancing user experience, ECPD Videos on Demand brings a variety of key features that help users learn from ECPD seminars of their choice at their convenience.

  • Over 50 ECPD seminars on a wide array of topics, delivered by professionals and experts, at your fingertips
  • Pay and watch simultaneously 24/7
  • Watch anytime at your own pace
  • Receive ECPD hours and Certificates right after completion

See below for the full list of seminars on offer! Visit the FAQ section for more information.

  • CPDB117CS

    Annual Reporting by Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises and Representative Offices in China

  • CPDB116CS

    Revised PRC Company Law (Effective 1 July 2024): A Practical Brief

  • CPDB115CS

    Unveiling Notifiable Transactions: New Disclosure/Valuation Requirements, Issuers’/ Directors’ Duties, and Shareholders’ Approval

  • CPDB114CS

    Creditor Protection in the Modern Business Landscape

  • CPDB113CS

    Debunking Tax Myths of Company Secretary

  • CPDB112CS

    Legal and Governance Practices Impacted by Generative AI: What Directors and Governance Professionals Need to Know

  • CPDB111CS

    Overview of Governing Rules on A and H Shares: Enhancing Collaboration and Mitigating Risks for Governance Professionals in Hong Kong

  • CPDB110CS

    Navigating Fund Governance: Best Practices for Effective Fund Setup and Fund Administration

  • CPDB109CS

    Audited Financial Statements: Where and What Can We Look For?

  • CPDB108CS

    Evolution of Internal Audit for Governance and Sustainability Enhancement

  • CPDB107CS

    Compliance Check of Hong Kong Private Companies: Purposes, Practical Tips and Remedial Actions

  • CPDB106CS

    Jurisdictional Roundup: Regulatory Compliance Updates for BVI, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and UK (ROE Obligations)

  • CPDB105CS

    Annual Reports of Listed Companies: Regulatory Updates & Practical Tips

  • CPDB104CS

    Data Protection in Cross-Border Transfer: Roles of the Board & Use of Technology

  • CPDB103CS

    Back to Basics with Trust

  • CPDB102CS

    Achieving Efficiency in Unprecedented Times – Practical Tips in Liquidating Inactive Companies

  • CPDB101CS

    Fraud Risk Management/Mitigation 2.0

  • CPDB100CS

    Navigating Shareholder Disputes: Best Practices in the Cayman Islands and BVI

  • CPDB099CS

    Overview of Private Fund Regimes in Hong Kong and Singapore

  • CPDB098CS

    Practical Overview of HKEX’s Latest Guidance on Disclosure Requirements

  • CPDB097CS

    Startups in Hong Kong & Challenges of Governance Enhancement

  • CPDB096CS

    Sanctions: Practical Overview Governance Professionals Should Know

  • CPDB095CS

    Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2023: A Practical Brief

  • CPDB093CS

    New Requirements of Economic Substance in Hong Kong: Implications to Company Secretaries

  • CPDB092CS

    New Share Scheme Regime

  • CPDB091CS

    Directors’ Responsibilities and Company Secretaries’ Roles under Listing Rules

  • CPDB090CS

    Structured Finance: Using an Orphan SPV

  • CPDB089CS

    Decoding Startup Investment and Common Governance Issues of Early Stage Companies

  • CPDB088CS

    Valuation in Practice: From Fundraising to IPOs and Beyond

  • CPDB086CS

    Cryptocurrency 101: A Practical Guide to Cryptocurrency Investigations for Governance Professionals

  • CPDB084CS

    Practical Sharing on Handling Transactions & Related Queries to Reduce Enforcement Risk

  • CPDB083CS

    Share Registrar – Past, Present and Future for Corporate Governance

  • CPDB082CS

    Latest Development of Limited Partnership Funds and Open-ended Fund Companies

  • CPDB081CS

    Sanctions: Basics, Sanctions Compliance Programme and Case Study

  • CPDB080CS

    Trading Suspension and Resumption of Listed Companies: A Practical Perspective

  • CPDB077CS

    Share Repurchase in Hong Kong - A Practical Perspective

  • CPDB075CS

    Dancing with Knives: An Exploration of Shareholder Disputes and Takeovers of Public Companies - What Shall Directors and Company Secretary of a Target Company Do?

  • CPDB073CS

    What You Need to Know About Insider Dealing and the Legal Implications for Senior Management

  • CPDB072CS

    Whistleblowing: Key Compliance and Cultural Requisites – Practical Overview and Case Sharing

  • CPDB071CS

    Doing Business in China Series: Strategies on Corporate Changes and Restructuring

  • CPDB069CS

    Hybrid General Meetings – What Governance Professional Need to Prepare

  • CPDB068CS

    Corporate Governance Code Changes: Overview and Practical Impacts

  • CPDB064CS

    What is Forensic? When May You Need It?

  • CPDB062CS

    CS Practical Training Series: Corporate Compliance Programme – Essential Elements & Practical Tips

  • CPDB061CS

    Mediation Techniques to Resolve Disputes – With Practical Case Illustrations

  • CPDB060CS

    Board Performance Evaluation: Winning in Uncertain Times - Best Governance Practice of Listed Companies under Listing Rules

  • CPDB053CS

    Family Offices as Part of Wealth Management

  • CPDB048CS

    Subsidiary Governance: Challenges and Tips for Managing Overseas Subsidiaries

  • CPDB047CS

    Mainland CS Practice Series: Voluntary Liquidation - Case Study of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise

  • CPDB045CS

    IPO 101: An Overview of a Listing Project

  • CPDB043CS

    Privatisation of a Listed Company

  • CPDB042CS

    Understanding Modern Risk Management

  • CPDB037CS

    G in ESG – Corporate Governance in Asia and Why It Matters to Investors

  • CPDB030CS

    HKCGI Guidelines on Practices of Inside Information Disclosure of A+H Companies

  • CPDB026CS

    Is your Company Complying with the New AML/CDD Requirements?

  • CPDB018CS

    AML/CFT Risks, Compliance Standards and Tools

  • CPDB016CS

    Significant Controller Register & New Licensing Regime of TCSP

  • CPDB015CS

    GRC Series: Board Meeting Masterclass

  • CPDB009CS

    CS Practical Training: Handling a Difficult AGM

  • CPDB005CS

    CS Practical Training: Director Induction/Training & Development

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