The Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme (CGQP) consists of two parts covering seven modules, of which six are compulsory and the seventh is chosen from two electives. CGQP allows students to learn and undertake the examinations in a progressive manner.

Part One of the CGQP comprises four modules which aim at building students’ technical knowledge in governance, law, finance and compliance. Part Two covers four modules, of which two are electives, and it seeks to enhance students’ comprehensive understanding of risk, strategy, and boardroom dynamics or taxation.


Part One
Part Two


The new syllabus will be incorporated into the examinations with effect from November 2022 examination diet and onwards.


HKCGI reserves the right to alter any part of the qualifying programme, including modules, syllabuses, question paper structure and format, examination regulations and exemption policies at any time. Questions requiring an understanding of new legislation, rules or codes are only set for examinations held six months or more after the relevant new legislation, rules, or codes become effective. All changes will be informed to students in advance by email and published on the HKCGI website, monthly journal CGj and other social media platforms.

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