Students are required to note the following matters in managing their studentship.

Updating Personal Data

It is crucial for students to keep the personal details including contact and employment details up-to-date with the Institute to avoid missing any important notices relating to rights, obligations, benefits and services.

Students can simply log into their user account to update the details. If they have changed their correspondence email address, which is also the username of their user account, they can complete the ‘Personal Data Update Form’ and return it to the Institute for updating.

For students who have changed their name by marriage or deed poll, please inform the Institute in writing with certified true copies of the relevant documentation for updating.

Renewing Studentship

Students must renew their studentship by settling the student renewal fee.

The renewal notice will be sent to all students via email at the beginning of each financial year (i.e. 1 July) and must be settled for student renewal by 30 September.

Renewal of studentship can be done online via logging into their user account.

Online Payment Instruction for Studentship Renewal

Resigning from Studentship

Students who intend to resign from the Institute should submit the ‘Studentship Resignation Form’ and settle all outstanding payments with the Institute. For students who hold physical student cards and tender resignations, the physical cards must be returned to the Institute.

Where disciplinary action is being considered against a student, the studentship shall not lapse until the procedures are completed.

Got Questions?

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