Former members/graduates who wish to reinstate their membership/graduateship are required to apply for re-election.

For former members/graduates who ceased their membership/graduateship due to (1) voluntary resignation; or (2) removal by non-payment of annual subscription, they may submit an application for re-election.

For former members/graduates whose membership/graduateship were removed by the order of Institute’s Disciplinary Tribunal, please contact the Membership Section at 2881 6177 for assistance.

Applicants for re-election must submit the following to the Secretariat:

  • A completed and duly signed application form, together with the recommendations made by two referees (one of them must be a member of the Institute) holding professional qualifications
  • Certified true copies of work testimonials/reference letters of employment history since lapse of membership/graduateship
  • Explanatory letter detailing the reasons for the lapse of membership/graduateship and re-election
  • Attendance record of 15 CPD hours within a 12-month period prior to application, and
  • Re-election fee, outstanding subscriptions and any fees owed to the Institute.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit all the required information and settle relevant fees. Any incomplete application will not be processed and considered by the Membership Committee or the Council.

Download the M003-Re-election of Membership Application Form.

Fulfilment of CPD requirements prior to application
The Institute is responsible for ensuring the high professional standards of its members, graduates and students. With effect from 1 January 2022, former members/graduates seeking for re-election to membership/graduateship must fulfil the following CPD requirements:

In general, applicant must accumulate the required 15 CPD points (including certain Enhanced CPD points) as stipulated in the Institute’s CPD Policy in force within 12 months prior to the application for re-election. Attendance record of the CPD record must be submitted together with the application.

Retirees over 60 do not need to fulfil such requirement but they must make a declaration and undertake to comply with the applicable future CPD requirements.

Calculation of Outstanding Subscriptions
Depending on the reason and number of years of cessation of membership/graduateship, the outstanding subscriptions are calculated as follows:

Resignation Removal due to non-payment of subscription
  1. Subscription for the current year
Applicable Applicable
  1. Subscription for the lapsed year
Not Applicable Applicable
  1. An additional year of subscription to cover the year(s) in between i) and ii) above regardless of the length of the lapsed period
Applicable Applicable

If the application is rejected by the Membership Committee or the Council, the re-election fee is non-refundable while the paid subscriptions will be refunded to applicant.

For details of re-election and subscription fees, please refer to the Fee Schedule.

All applications will be reviewed and, if appropriate, approved by the Membership Committee.

Got Questions?

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