The demand on governance professionals continues to grow in view of the increasing regulatory complexity of the corporate world. Careers in governance are highly respected and contribute to better govenance and a better future for the community as a whole.

The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute (HKCGI or the Institute) is a professional body with current membership of over 7,200, 300 graduates and 2,300 students. Members of the Institute are awarded with the dual designations of Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional which are highly recognised by governmental departments, regulators and professional bodies.

As the Hong Kong/China Division of The Chartered Governance Institute (CGI), the premier global qualifying organisation for governance professionals, membership of HKCGI is internationally recognised and portable across nine Divisions.

Join us now and explore your opportunity to become dually qualified as Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional.

Become a member

  • How to become a member
    Route to HKCGI’s membership

    The journey starts from registering as a student and gradually advance to different levels of membership.

    Graduateship Associateship Fellowship
  • How to become a member
    Re-joining us

    Former members and graduates are welcome to re-join us through application for re-election.

  • How to become a member
    Membership FAQs
to join us...

The Institute brings various recognitions, benefits and opportunities for members to excel in their careers. Explore more below.

Rights & Obligations

Members are required to observe and be bound by the Charter and Byelaws of CGI and Articles of Association of the Institute at all times.

Upon successful election, each member, as long as he continues to fulfil the membership criteria, shall be entitled to:

  • call himself as ‘Chartered Secretary’ and/or 'Chartered Governance Professional', as appropriate;
  • receive membership certificates and hold the said certificates until he ceases to be a member;
  • receive the monthly journal ‘CSj’ in either printed or electronic format.

Rights and privileges of a member shall be personal to himself. They shall not be transferable by his own act or by operation of law, and shall cease upon his death, or upon his ceasing of membership.

For as long as a person is a member, he shall:

  • strictly observe the standard of professional conduct and practice required by the Council;
  • must provide his home and business addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, employment positions and must promptly advise the Institute of any changes to these details;
  • comply with the policies, regulations and rules as set by the Institute, including the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Policy
  • pay, as and when due, all contributions, fees, or subscriptions for which he may at any time be liable in accordance with CGI's Charter and Byelaws and the Institute’s Articles of Association, or any rules made in pursuance thereof;
  • not describe himself as a member of CGI or the Institute, nor “Chartered Secretary’, or 'Chartered Governance Professional' when his membership is lapsed.
  • Managing Membership

    Essentials for members and graduates to maintain their membership and graduateship

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  • Fee Schedule

    Details of annual subscription, election fee, other administrative fees

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  • Governance Professional Mentorship Programme

    A meaningful platform to nurture young governance professionals and develop future leaders.

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