Upping the Game

Jun 2023

A study by HKCGI on the governance challenges and opportunities for boards and chairpersons in Hong Kong and Mainland China in five major areas was also published, titled 'Upping the Game', HKCGI's theme for the year. Aiming to enhance the relevance of governance professionals, the report discusses:

The linkages between Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area - emphasising the value of building solid commercial relationships and having a nuanced understanding of cultural differences.
The pandemic’s effects on businesses - highlighting the crucial role that company secretaries and governance professionals play in helping boards manage risks and creating business continuity strategies.
Macro and micro challenges in corporate governance - calling for company secretaries and other governance experts to keep abreast of socio-political, legal, and economic developments worldwide.
The role of governance professionals in tackling issues concerning climate change, the carbon emissions market and ESG, including creating corporate policies and ensuring compliance.
Digital transformation - developing technologies with an emphasis on the value of governance professionals in advising boards on technology risks, the impact of developing technologies, and the significance of digital transformation.

HKCGI President Ernest Lee FCG HKFCG(PE) states: "Through ACRUs and other training provided by the Institute, as well as research papers, guidance notes and other publications, HKCGI demonstrates its governance thought leadership. As the world continues to change at an unprecedented rate, this necessitates addressing a wide range of governance issues to maintain business sustainability, compliance, and relevance. In the face of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, HKCGI's members play an increasingly critical role in this space.”

To view the report in English, please click HERE.

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