Professional Development

Professional Development

The Institute’s continuing professional development (CPD) requirements are to ensure that all members and graduates of the Institute (Relevant Persons) are imparted with the latest industry developments, technical knowledge and professional skills relating to corporate governance necessary to perform their roles as governance professionals. The Institute requires Relevant Persons to accumulate a minimum of at least 15 CPD hours per CPD year (CPD Year) from time-to-time designated by the Institute.

What are the CPD requirements?

Unless otherwise specified, The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute (“HKCGI”) requires all members and graduates (Relevant Persons) to accumulate a minimum of 15 CPD hours per CPD Year with a basic to an advanced component of ECPD hours as follows:

a. *Basic level: of the minimum required 15 CPD hours per CPD Year, at least 3 ECPD hours should be from HKCGI's ECPD courses; and

b. Advanced level: of the minimum required 15 CPD hours per CPD Year, all of them should be ECPD hours, with a least 10 ECPD hours being HKCGI's ECPD courses, and the rest being from Institute's and/or other Accredited Providers’ ECPD courses. Members achieved advanced level with at least 3 years’ of experience in company secretarial practice are eligible to apply for Practitioner’s Endorsement from the Institute.

The table below illustrates how a Relevant Person could fulfil CPD requirements from basic level to advanced level.

Relevant Person is encouraged to visit FAQ for more details.

What is Practitioner's Endorsement ("PE")?

Upon accumulating 15 ECPD hours, members with appropriate experience will be able to apply for the PE designation. This will indicate to employers, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) and other regulators that PE holder has up to date and practical knowledge under the Institute's training programme. The committment also brings about peer-to-peer recognition.

Please refer to section 2 of the CPD Policy for detail.

What are the requirements for obtaining the Practitioner's Endorsement ("PE")?

To apply for PE, a member must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Is an Associate or a Fellow of the Institute
  • Has at least three years of relevant work experience in the company secretarial practice and is able to produce a written confirmation of such employment from their employer(s) or immediate supervisor(s) at work, and
  • Is able to produce a CPD record for the Advanced Level of 15 ECPD hours training during the CPD Year prior to the application.

Members who fulfilled the requirements may submit the PE application through the HKCGI's user account.

Is there any fee for the Practitioner's Endorsement ("PE")?

There is no fee required upon application for the PE. Enrolment fees are payable for seminars and workshops organised by the Institute.

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