26 Apr 2024

HKCGI Matching Your Training Needs

Thanks to feedback from members, employers, and other stakeholders, HKCGI has structured the following in addition to its best-of-the-class ECPD training.

  • ESG Reporting Certification Course (over 15 hours)
    This matches market demands for sustainability professionals. You can become a recognised 'HKCGI Sustainability Governance Professional' under the 'HKCGI Sustainability Governance Academy' from 31 July 2024.

  • AML/CFT Certification Course (over 15 hours)
    This matches business, trust, and company service providers and other industries with general and specific AML/CFT compliance knowledge.
  • The Foundation Courses (about 6 hours)
    This is for governance professionals' refresher, and importantly, for their directors' and senior management's training needs.

  • The Refresher Courses (12 hours for each module) 
    These are meant to help students pass their exams. (Details to be announced)

  • Unique Conferences
    Annual Corporate and Regulatory Update (with regulatory focus) and Corporate Governance Conference (biennial signature event with top businesses and regulators representation).

For enquiries, please contact the Professional Development Section: (852) 2881 6177 or email: cpd@hkcgi.org.hk

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