Soft Skills Training Series: Effective Communication Skills for Governance Professionals

  • Thursday 30 May 2024

  • Refer to the individual sessions.

  • Cantonese

  • Refer to the individual sessions.



The Effective Communication Skills for Governance Professionals is the Institute’s Soft Skills Training Series aimed at equipping governance professionals with essential communication skills to enhance their effectiveness in leading teams and driving organisational success.

In four sessions, participants will learn communication methodologies and techniques to establish clear and impactful communication strategies; develop active listening skills, learn how to ask powerful questions and understand the importance of non-verbal communication; gain insights into conflict resolution and effective feedback delivery; and practical application and communication skills development workshop.  This Series will offer interactive role-plays to facilitate real-life application opportunities.

Programme details:
Session 1 – Foundations of Effective Communication (Free webinar)
Date:    Thursday 30 May 2024
Time:    1.00pm–2.00pm

Session 2 – Active Listening and Powerful Questioning (Free webinar)
Date:    Wednesday 19 June 2024
Time:    1.00pm–2.00pm 

Session 3 – Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations (Free webinar)
Date:    Wednesday 26 June 2024
Time:    1.00pm–2.00pm

Session 4 – Practical Application and Communication Skills Development Workshop (Physical session)
Date:    Saturday 13 July 2024
Time:    11.00am–1.00pm
Fee:      $120
(Remarks: Participants are highly recommended to join the first three webinars to equip themselves with the basic concepts before enrolling in this workshop.)


1. This Soft Skills Training Series is available for HKCGI members, graduates and students only.
2. Enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. 
3. No CPD point will be awarded for attending this Series.
4. To safeguard the health of all participants, participants with any of the following circumstances are not encouraged to join Session 4:
-        Fever;
-        Presence of symptoms of novel infectious disease.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Ariel Lam: 2830 6069 or email:


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