Overview of Private Fund Regimes in Hong Kong and Singapore

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  • Ms Willa Chan ACG HKACG, Founding Principal of Willa Legal
  • Mr Brandon Tee, Managing Director, BTPLaw LLC
  • Ms Anita Chau FCG HKFCG, Executive Director, Corporate Services, Vistra (Chair)


Hong Kong and Singapore have emerged as key financial centers in Asia, attracting significant capital flows from investors around the world. In recent years, both jurisdictions have developed robust regulatory frameworks for private funds, which have become an increasingly popular investment vehicle for institutional and high-net-worth investors.

The private fund regimes in Hong Kong and Singapore are designed to provide a flexible and efficient regulatory environment for fund managers, while also ensuring that investors are protected through appropriate disclosure requirements and investor safeguards. The regulatory frameworks in both jurisdictions have evolved over time to keep pace with industry developments and changing market conditions, and continue to be refined to meet the needs of investors and fund managers alike.

In this webinar, two seasoned speakers in fund industry will provide an overview of the private fund regimes in Hong Kong and Singapore. The presentation will cover an introduction to the following topics: 

  • The Hong Kong domiciled fund structures: OFC and LPF;
  • The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission licensing regime applicable to fund managers;
  • The fund management licences in Singapore; and
  • The Singapore variable capital company regime.

(Recorded in June 2023)

Level: Intermediate

Speakers' and Chair's bio:
Ms Willa Chan
Mr Brandon Tee
Ms Anita Chau

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