New Share Scheme Regime

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  • Ms Wendy Ho FCG HKFCG(PE), Council Member, HKCGI; Executive Director, Corporate Services, Tricor Services Limited (Chair)
  • Ms Carmen So FCG HKFCG, Director of Corporate Services, Tricor Services Limited
  • Mr Felix Kung, Business Development Director, Global Shares


In connection with the conclusions to the consultation on share schemes (including share option schemes and share award schemes) as published by HKEX in July 2022, the new changes in Chapter 17 of the Listing Rules came into effect on 1 January 2023. The governance professional have to thoroughly understand the practical implications on the existing share schemes and the new schemes to be adopted going forward.

In addition to the disclosures in financial reports and corporate governance reports, listed issuers are also required to make proper disclosures to certain categories of participants by way of announcement or/and on an individual basis. Technology-assisted compliance can be an effective option for the governance professional to enhance governance over share schemes and to deal with disclosure requirements.

Seasoned speakers in the area of share schemes will give an overview of new changes, examine key implications and share practical tips in tackling changes and in enhancing governance. The following issues will be covered in the webinar: 

  1. A summary of the new share scheme regime
  2. Key implications on listed issuers
  3. Practical tips for company secretary / governance professional in tackling the changes and enhancing the compliance governance
  4. Mapping between the key changes and the implied additional administration requirements
  5. Practical implementation tips to fulfil each requirement digitally

(Recorded in February 2023)

Level: Intermediate

Speakers' bios:
Ms Wendy Ho
Ms Carmen So
Mr Felix Kung

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