Decoding Startup Investment and Common Governance Issues of Early Stage Companies

  • English

  • HKCGI Member, Graduate, Student & Non-Member


  • Ms Cermain Cheung, Consultant, Oldham, Li & Nie
  • Mr Bill Wang FCG HKFCG, Council Member, HKCGI (Chair)


In July 2022, the HKSAR Government announced that Hong Kong will launch a fund worth HK$5 billion (US$637 million) to support local tech companies and attract foreign startups. Digital transformation and innovation seem unavoidable for large corporate companies, and one way of doing so is by investing in startups. In this seminar, speaker will give an overview of startup investment and examine common governance issues of early stage companies. The following areas will be covered:

  • What’s startup?
    • A brief history about startup
    • Latest startup trend
    • Commonly used startup terminologies
  • Startup ecosystem
    • Who’s involved?  How do the stakeholders be interrelated?
  • Startup investment
    • Startup investment at different stages – From Seed to Series C Round
    • Different modes of startup investment – Equity, Convertible Note, SAFE & KISS
  • Common governance issues of early stage companies
    • The usual board composition of startups; roles of Investor Director & Observer
    • Principles to observe when forming the board for early stage companies

(Recorded in January 2023)

Level: Intermediate

Speaker's bio:
Ms Cermain Cheung


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