What Makes Corporate Actions Successful – Practical Sharing from Financial Advisory, Company Secretarial and Proxy Advisory Perspectives

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  • Mr John Wong, Managing Director, Somerley Capital Limited
  • Mr Ricky Lai FCG HKFCG(PE), Company Secretary, China Renewable Energy Investment Limited
  • Ms Carey Lo, Vice President, Head of Client Solutions for Greater China, Alliance Advisors
  • Mr Race Chan, Vice President, Head of Investor Intelligence for Greater China, Alliance Advisors


Corporate actions of listed companies can range from director election or name change to asset acquisition or disposal, and to merger or restructuring actions. Predicting outcomes is not easy under the recent rise of shareholder activism, and has become more difficult when consent must be obtained from independent shareholders on major transactions, a popular one in past two years being privatisation.

What shall and what can listed companies do during the planning stage and up to general meetings in order to get a much better chance of passing the resolutions?

The Institute has invited seasoned professionals in financial advisory, company secretarial and proxy advisory aspects to give an overview on all the relevant steps, actions, parties, factors, etc and share practical experience by taking privatisation as a case study. Panel discussion on recent unsuccessful privatisations will follow. The aim of this seminar is to provide a holistic understanding not only on what makes a successful privatisation, but also other significant transactions where approvals from independent shareholders are required.

(Recorded in April 2022)

Level: Intermediate

Speakers' bio:
Mr John Wong
Mr Ricky Lai
Ms Carey Lo
Mr Race Chan

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