CS Practical Training Series: Annual Reports of Listed Companies

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  • HKCGI Member, Graduate, Student & Non-Member


  • Ms Carina Foo ACG HKACG(PE), General Manager, CS Legend Corporate Services Limited
  • Mr Sam Lo ACG HKACG, Company Secretarial Manager, CS Legend Corporate Services Limited
  • Mr Peter Chan, Partner, Unicorn Financial Company Limited
  • Ms Joyce Cheung, Corporate Finance, Legal & PR translations, CS Legend Corporate Services Limited


Company secretary takes responsibility for preparing annual reports and ensuring that statutory deadlines are met and regulatory disclosures are validated. Other than statutory requirements, annual reports are used by listed companies to provide important business and financial information to customers, investors, employees and the media. Compiling annual reports is a lengthy process which requires tremendous effort from company secretary to prepare and to coordinate with various parties for business and corporate information, financial data, write-ups, media clipping, photographs, business achievements, translation, etc. 


In this seminar, the following elements will be covered by speakers for preparing annual reports:

Why is annual report important?

What shall be included in annual report?

  • Summary of contents requirements under Listing Rules
  • Summary of contents requirements under Companies Ordinance
  • Suggested disclosure and future trend of requirements

How do you prepare a great annual report?

  • Practical tips on MD&A and Business Review:
    • Objectives
    • References
    • Data collection
    • Earnings guidance and future outlook
  • Practical tips on translation:
    • Frequently encountered problems, common mistakes and suggestions
    • Collaboration with financial printers
    • Literal translation Vs copy-writing style
    • Chinese tone classifications/ differentiations

(Recorded in October 2020)

Speakers' bio:
Ms Carina Foo
Mr Sam Lo
Mr Peter Chan
Ms Joyce Cheung

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