G in ESG – Corporate Governance in Asia and Why It Matters to Investors

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  • Mr Jun Frank, Executive Director, North America & Asia, ICS Advisory, ISS Corporate Solutions
  • Mr Dan Cheng, Vice President – Greater China, ISS Corporate Solutions


The tide of ESG has risen to a new height in Hong Kong, with a mandatory ESG reporting guideline set to take effect. In light of the global pandemic, institutional investors around the world are doubling down on ESG, evermore focused on assessing the materiality of non-financial information. While much attentions are paid to Environment & Social issues, the mandatory disclosure required under the Listing Rules brings an important factor to the forefront: the Board. The new guidelines recognizes that an effective board and robust corporate governance mechanisms are vital to the sustainability of the company. In this session, we will review the current state of corporate governance in Asia with a particular focus on Hong Kong, how foreign investors view the governance risks in Asia, and how institutional investors integrate governance information into not just proxy voting but also to ESG evaluation and investment processes. We will also examine the impact of the Investor Stewardship Code and how the narrative of ESG fits into a broader shift in investors’ attitude, from silent observers to active owners.

(Recorded in July 2020)

Speakers' bio:
Mr Jun Frank
Mr Dan Cheng

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