ESG Reporting 2020 – What Should Directors Do?

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Dr Albert Lung FCG HKFCG, Lecturer, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS)


Pursuant to The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited's Consultation Conclusions and its ESG Review Findings released on 18 December 2019, the requirements for the ESG reporting have been increased remarkably both in width and depth. It is getting more and more challenging for directors to discharge their duties.  In this seminar, the speaker, currently acting as an INED of a listed company, would like to address the new requirements and implications as well as his insights on those challenges being faced by directors:

  • Effective date;
  • Mandatory disclosure
    • Board statement;
    • Reporting principles; and
    • Reporting boundaries;
  • Disclosure of significant climate-related issues which have impacted or may impact the issuer;
  • Disclosure of relevant targets regarding “environmental key performance indicators ("KPIs")”;
  • Disclosure of relevant targets regarding "Social KPIs";
  • Challenges to be faced and action to be taken by directors.

(Note: The Exchange published the ‘Consultation Conclusions on the Review of Corporate Governance Code’ on 10 December 2021. The changes in ESG reporting effective from 1 January 2022 are not reflected in the programme as the seminar was conducted in July 2020.)

(Recorded in July 2020)

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Dr Albert Lung

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