20 Jun 2024

Nominations for HKCGI Prize 2024

The Institute takes great pride in presenting ‘The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute Prize 2024’. This award celebrates the outstanding contributions of governance professional(s) to the Institute, Chartered Secretarial and Chartered Governance Profession over a substantial period.

We have a community of over 10,000 members, graduates and students in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. Celebrating the achievements of leaders in the governance profession will inspire others to play their part in bringing the profession forward. You are cordially invited to nominate candidates who have made on-going and significant contributions to the Institute and our profession.

These may include a track record of outstanding contributions to: 

  • technical and research, education and examinations, and professional development work of HKCGI
  • the development of the profession/HKCGI in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong
  • work that significantly enhances the status of the Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional within the local community, the Chinese mainland and/or internationally.

The nomination deadline is Monday 30 September 2024. Please refer to the following documents for further information:

HKCGI Prize 2024 – Information sheet

HKCGI Prize 2024 – Nomination form

For enquiries, please contact Melani Au at 2830 6007, or email: member@hkcgi.org.hk.

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