30 Apr 2024

Important changes to Exchange Listing Rules on Climate-related Disclosures

On 19 April 2024, HKEX published conclusions to its consultation on the enhancement of climate-related disclosures under its ESG framework. Access the Conclusions HERE.

Effective January 2025, some important changes have been made to the Listing Rules which are relevant to company secretaries and governance professionals, including: 

  • all HKEX listed companies must disclose Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions (currently subject to ‘Comply or explain’); 
  • LargeCaps are required to disclose Scope 3 emissions on a ‘Comply or explain’ basis and this will be upgraded to Mandatory in 2026; and
  • all other Main Board companies are required to disclose Scope 3 emissions on a ‘Comply or explain’ basis.  

Climate-related Disclosures Update Seminar

Now, an exciting and valuable opportunity is brought to you by HKCGI:  Climate-related Disclosures Update seminar scheduled for 31 July 2024, at which regulators from HKEX and senior leaders in sustainability will explain and discuss the changes to the ESG Reporting Guide (to be renamed ESG Reporting Code) and their practical compliance.

At the same seminar, HKCGI will launch its Sustainability Governance Academy which will bring together, and serve as a platform for, HKCGI Sustainability Professionals and industry leaders to share sustainability governance-related topics and best practice.

With our compliments, all registrants of the ESG Reporting Certification Course (1st to 4th Cohorts) are cordially invited to join the seminar in person or online free of charge, and to attend a cocktail reception to meet with the Academy’s leaders and other registrants of the Course. Please mark your diary and you will receive more registration details about the seminar in late May 2024.

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