04 Sep 2023

HKCGI 2023 Annual General Meeting – Nomination of Members for Election to Council

Nominations are invited for election to the Council of The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute (HKCGI Council) at the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Institute to be held on or about 14 December 2023.

Pursuant to the Articles of Association of the Institute, only Fellows who are ordinarily resident in the Divisional Territory are eligible to stand for election. The HKCGI Council is also appointed as the Hong Kong/China Committee of The Chartered Governance Institute. If you wish to stand for election, please complete the attached Nomination Form and return it to the Institute Secretariat in person or by post no later than the Nomination Closing Date on Tuesday 3 October 2023 on or before 6.00 pm or postmarked on or before such date.

In the event that the number of candidates does not exceed the number of vacancies, those nominated will be deemed elected. Where the number of candidates does exceed the number of vacancies, a postal ballot will be conducted.

All candidates are required to submit a biography (with not more than 300 words) containing the following information to the Institute for circulation therewith within 7 days after the Nomination Closing Date:

  1. Full name, gender and a photograph;
  2. Summary of academic and other professional qualifications and awards attained;
  3. Summary of employment history, explanation of current position and duties, and years of experience;
  4. Summary of civic or other extra-curricular activities; and
  5. Summary of contributions to the Institute and Members.

The Institute reserves the right to edit, amend or delete any information contained in the biography. Your personal data will be kept for the purposes of Council election and membership administration. For any enquiries, please contact the Company Secretary of the Institute.

Candidates who wish to withdraw their nominations may do so at any time within 14 days after the Nomination Closing Date.


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