10 Mar 2023

HKCGI Concessionary Subscription for year 2023/2024

As a professional body established by members and for members, the Institute continues to offer concessionary subscription to members who satisfy the necessary criteria. Online application for the concessionary subscription is now available. Please log into your HKCGI user account and apply online as appropriate.

Eligibility of each concessionary rate and online application instruction can be found below:

1. Retired Rate

2. Reduced Rate

3. Hardship Rate

4. Senior Rate
This applies to members who have reached the age of 70 or above before the beginning of the financial year (1 July 2023). Senior rate is granted to eligible members automatically without prior application.

Copies of application forms can also be found on the Institute’s website, please click HERE.

Important Notes to applicants
i) For the above 1) Retired Rate, 2) Reduced Rate, and 3) Hardship Rate, applications must be submitted to the Membership Section on or before Friday 30 June 2023. All applications are subject to the approval of the Membership Committee, the decision of which is final.

ii) A retired/ reduced/ hardship rate member who has i) returned to a gainful employment (whether full-time or part-time); and/or ii) received income derived directly from labour or skills should pay the subscription at full rate for the current financial year.

For enquiries, please contact Rose Yeung: 2830 6051 or Vicky Lui: 2830 6088, or email: member@hkcgi.org.hk.

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