27 Oct 2022

CGQP November 2022 Examinations – Examination Admission Slip and Information Pack (Instructions to Candidates & Precautionary Measures at Examination Centres)

Examination Admission Slip, together with 'Instruction to Candidates' and an examination information pack containing details of precautionary measures are released on 27 October 2022. All candidates are reminded to follow the pandemic precautionary measures before entering the examination centres.

Click HERE for the information to download the Examination Admission Slip. 

For the Information Pack, please refer to below.

Hong Kong examination centres
i. Instructions to Candidates (November 2022) Hong Kong examination centres
ii. HKEAA Precautionary Measures at Hong Kong Examination centres
Mainland China examination centres (Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou) 
i. Instructions to Candidates (November 2022) Mainland China examination centres
ii. Annex I - British Council_Important Notice to Test Takers during COVID-19


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