21 Jun 2022

New electronic Members/Graduates/Student card

The Institute continues advancing our database system to provide better services for our members, graduates and students.

For purposes of environmental concerns and ease of record, the Institute’s new E-card has replaced the former physical card for all members, graduates and students.

We are pleased to announce that electronic card (e-card) has been rolled out to replace the former physical card. The issue of e-card not only contributes to environmental protection, but also provides an efficient and convenient way to carry the HKCGI identity.

Members, graduates and students can obtain the e-card upon log-in to their HKCGI user accounts. Alternatively, the physical card remains available to members, graduates and students upon successful application and settlement of the prescribed fee. The ‘Application/Replacement Form for Physical Membership/Graduate Card’ can be obtained under ‘Resource’ section of this website.

For enquiry, please contact the Secretariat at 2881 6177 or email: member@hkcgi.org.hk or student_reg@hkcgi.org.hk.

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