Beijing Representative Office

This year is the 25th anniversary of the establishment of our Institute’s Beijing office. Our Institute has been a respected partner in the promotion of good governance, cross-border compliance and the professional standards of board secretaries in the Mainland for over three decades. The economic reforms of the late 1970s started the country on its path towards a more market-oriented economy, but the emergence of its capital markets in the 1980s turbo charged its transition. Our Institute has played a role in building up the professional expertise and knowledge of governance best practices that has enabled the Mainland's capital markets to get to where they are today.

Beijing Representative Office:
Room 1220, Jinyu Tower, No. 129, Xuanwumen West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100031, P.R.C
Telephone No.: (86 10) 6641 9368/ 6641 9190
Email Address:
Opening hours: 9am—12nn and 1pm—6pm from Monday to Friday
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

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